O U R   S T O R Y

Sangría, a wine-based drink infused with fruit, spices and often times brandy, gets its name from the Spanish word "sangre" (blood) referring to the dark red color of this delicious concoction. While there is some debate as to where exactly in Spain sangría actually originated, there is no debate that its populaity across Europe dates back hundreds of years.

When the Spaniards came to, what we now know as México in 1521, they brought with them food, drink and cultural nuances from their native Spain.

Sangría gained popularity during the colonial period in México from 1701-1821. Centuries passed and it was in 1964 that the Spanish-born, longtime resident of México, Don Manuel Gómez Cosío, had an epiphany of sorts. Legend has it that while he loved sangría, medical reasons prevented him from consuming alcohol of any kind. It was at that moment that Sangría Señorial was born.

Sangría Señorial is a non-alcoholic, sparkling Sangría that has been popular since its creation in México almost 50 years ago where it is still produced today in small batches. Made from select wine grapes, essence of lemon and sweetened with natural sugar, the product is then aged in oak barrels, fermented over time and the alcohol is later removed. It is this elaborate artisanal process that gives Sangría Señoríal its delicious, refreshing, unique flavor.

Sangría Señorial is the perfect complement to food and a nice change of pace from colas, tea and water. It is also the perfect beverage alternative for wine lovers who can't indulge in wine on certain occasions but love the flavor and experience of wine. So chill a bottle, pour in a wine glass over ice, garnish with an orange wedge and enjoy!


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